Jamie left school and immediately started work in the pipefitting and welding industry as an apprentice. Whist on site Jamie worked on installations from specialist titanium chemical lines through to 10 inch gas and heating mains. In gaining valuable experience and college qualifications over his first 3 years he moved from the site into the drawing office.

Whilst still at college, a day a week, Jamie worked his way through a second apprenticeship program for the design of the works he had previously been installing. Eventually after 9 years of studying, alongside a busy work schedule, Jamie was officially a qualified Mechanical Services Design Engineer.

During the years since, Jamie has been working on numerous designs for all levels of heating, ventilation, drainage, air conditioning, domestic services, steam and gas systems. Whilst the mechanical aspect is his qualified trade, a detailed knowledge of electrical services has been gained through the 18 years of services experience. This has given a full and detailed account of the way any building works and how these principles can be adapted and manipulated at the interest of efficiency and cost.

During Jamie's building services career he has gone from a site laborer through to a Director of a national building services consultancy. Throughout this Jamie's biggest passion has been the energy efficiency of buildings, especially through retrofit.

“To assess a building that is underperforming for the client and produce a solution is tremendously satisfying. Having the opportunity to provide the client a turnkey solution for a future utility savings plan gives enormous job satisfaction.”

This along with the new construction market passion - high end residential services design. “This is a very challenging aspect of building services and requires enormous amounts of detailed attention to the finishes, while working closely with interior designers and architects.”